Bayview Rigging & Sails

Located at Royal River Boat, Bayview Rigging and Sails isthe place for sails, rigging, and canvas work. Your options for fulfilling all of your sailing needs are endless! We provide mains, genoas, and spinnakers in various styles such as racing, cruising, classic, and traditional.We also have an extensive inventory of rigging supplies and offer furling systems for mains, genoas, and spinnakers.With more than 50 years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with the quality service they deserve, as well as ensure that our customers receive first-class products that fulfill their boating needs.



  • Sail washing
  • Sail repair
  • Sail storage
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Rigging inspection
  • Rigging repair
  • New Sails
  • Canvass Work
  • New Cushions


Phone: (207) 846-8877
Fax: (207) 846-5317

Open: 7:30-4pm (Monday to Friday)